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“Since having the Ertlizer, my Lyme’s disease doesn’t bother me as much. I think my immune system functions better, and I know I am overall healthier.”   

 -Joanne B., IL

“My wife unplugged our Ertlizer so she could plug in Christmas lights. I couldn’t sleep for two nights! I plugged the Ertlizer back in, and I sleep great again!            

 -Nick Ullmer, WI

“I used to suffer from regular headaches. Since carrying around a Personal Ertlizer, I haven’t had a headache since! I can’t live without my Ertlizer!”                 

  -Victoria, WI

“My herd average is up to 2000 pounds. The cows are getting bred back, and I have noticed they are not so jumpy. It is also easier to maintain the cell count. 

-Allen & Kathy Gehrke, WI

“I highly recommend the Ertlizers. I can milk cows in stalls that previously I couldn’t milk in. I have seen better heats in the cows and overall better herd health.” 

  -Owen Yoder, WI

“Since the Ertlizer has been on my farm, my cow’s water consumption has increased over three gallons of water per cow per day. I have noticed better heats, lower cell counts, and better conception rates.”         

 -Jerry Schaefers, IA

“I have cut my cull rate 15% since getting the Ertlizer. I have much healthier cows with great immune systems! I haven’t had any mastitis flare-ups since I started using the Ertlizer.”                                 

 -Dan Martins, IA

“I have seen an increase in water intake of the cows since putting the Ertlizers in. Milk production has increased, and calf health has improved greatly.”         

  -Rob Rehn, WI

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