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Have you ever been working on something or experienced something in your life and thought, “why can’t someone come up with something to make this easier or eliminate this problem?” That is the story of how my business came to be. As you read further, you will see I have experienced exactly what you may be experiencing. Please keep in mind that every farm or personal living space is different, so you may be experiencing other things also.














I am a dairy farmer.  My family and I have farmed for over 20 years. We have been through hell on the farm! We had experienced chronic mastitis problems, unexplained animal mortality, low feed intake, low milk production, and high unmanageable SCC. Everyday seemed to be loaded with more and more struggles. We kept searching for answers to what was going on and after years of problems, finally an electrician who specialized in stray voltage told us we had a big problem. We rewired the entire farm, and things did get better. To our disappointment though, we did not experience as big of an impact on our problems as we had hoped and been told it would be. We then found out we still had major “ground currents” or earth currents. We were advised to sell our farm. We did not know what to do, but I knew I did not want to sell our farm. I told myself that there had to be something else that could be done for this ground current problem. That is how my invention of the “Ertlizer” came to be.








I know a lot about how electricity worked, and I just started experimenting with different things. Through trial and error and a lot of revisions, I finally made something that seemed to work. I tested my invention out on my farm for a period of time. I could not believe what a difference I could see! Of course, big changes didn't happen overnight, but each month, little by little, we could really see the difference. I never imagined we could have healthy livestock and minimal problems ever again, but it has happened! I cannot guarantee that everyone who installs my stray voltage device will see the magnitude of results that I have seen, because every farm is different. However, I keep in contact with my clients and I really enjoy hearing about the changes they have seen and the success they have experienced with using the “Ertlizer”!

In my opinion, my sense of well-being from a human health stand point also was being affected by the stray voltage/ground current problem. Since having the “Ertlizer” on my farm, I can tell the difference in how I feel. The best part is that many of my clients tell me they have noticed the same thing in how they feel. That is evidence enough for me. Please click on Ertlizer units to view descriptions and pricing or click on Contact Us to access our email or telephone number.  I’d be happy to answer any of your questions or concerns.

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