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Most people have heard these terms, but what do they really mean?

Stray voltage can be electricity coming from a variety of things such as electrical shorts or wiring problems. Ground current and Earth current are really the same thing, and I commonly refer to them as only Ground current. Ground current is electricity that is traveling across the soil. It can result from things such as magnetic fields caused by electric motors and fluorescent lights. Another term used for this problem is electrical pollution. As an experienced tester for ground current, I myself cannot believe how many places have ground current within them. 80-90% of the places that I have tested for Ground current have contained some degree of it within. Common problems that result from Ground current tend to be mostly unvarying from place to place. Although I am not a medical doctor or scientist, I believe that Ground current may be the direct link to health problems of humans and animals. Some of the most common symptoms associated with Ground current are as follows:

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 In Agriculture Animals:

  • Cows slopping in drinking cups

  • Swollen leg & hoof issues

  • High SCC and high incidence of mastitis

  • Low water and feed intake

  • Cows kicking while being milked

  • High cow mortality

  • Breeding issues

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​In Pets:

  • Jumpy and anxious

  • Low water and food intake

  • Depressed and moody

  • Health Issues

  • Abnormal Behavior

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In humans:​

  • Wake up feeling tired and run-down

  • Depression

  • Headaches

  • Sleep Apneas

  • Colic in babies

  • Poor sleeping habits

  • Bedwetting

  • Children not wanting to sleep in their own beds

  • Aches and Pains

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​In Plants:

  • Poor plant performance

  • Minimal growth

  • Decreased yield in gardens and food plots

  • Less than optimal bloom in flowers and shrubs

This is only a short list of symptoms that can be associated with Electrical Pollution. You may be experiencing a wide variety of other symptoms as well

What is the solution?

The Ertlizer

What is The Ertlizer?

The Ertlizer is a magnetic powered unit that collects and redirects ground current in a direction that doesn't affect you or your property. It protects a large circular area around the unit, which is placed outside but can be used indoors in an Office or an Apartment. It is hardly noticeable at all but the effects will be. The Ertlizer Units are Self-Sufficient and do not run off of a motor or battery to work efficiently. The Personal Action protects your personal area around your body. The number of Ertlizer units that you will need depends on the severity of Ground current on your property, and the size of the area that you would like to protect. 

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